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Template Skinning (since 5.3)

With the new Template Skinning mechanism available with Tapestry 5.3, the Tapestry-Portlet bridge makes it possible to create different templates and bundles for each window states of your portlet (maximized, minimized and normal).

For the template, Tapestry will first look for a specific template, with as prefix the WindowState property (MyPage_minimized.tml or MyPage_maximized.tml). For the Normal Window State, a template without prefix will be used. Of course, you can also define a specific template for each locales supported by your application (MyPage_minimized_fr.tml, MyPage_maximized_en.tml).

If the template is not found, the default mechanism will be used.

It is the same mechanism for the bundles. Tapestry will first have a look to the more specific bundle (MyPage_minimized_en.properties) and finish with the less one (MyPage_en.properties).