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How to get parameter from portal url ?

you can retrieve HttpServletRequest from renderRequest

or use tools provided by portals container. For example in Liferay we suggest to do something like

To enable the use of this Liferay Utilities you will have to add the following dependecy in your pom.XML

How to get window state ?

The window state of a portlet is represented by the Portlet API’s WindowState class. This class defines (as constants) the three standard window states that portlets suport: NORMAL, MINIMIZED, and MAXIMIZED.

A portlet’s window state can be useful in customizing the content of the portlet; if a portlet’s window state is maximized, the portlet can show additional information to he user that it didn’t display when the portlet was in the normal window state.

Here is the portlet code need to in tapestry to get current WindowState

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